11 reasons WHY I like THAILAND (AND WHY YOU requirement TO VISIT)

Last Updated: 8/31/20 | August 31st, 2020

I’ve been to Thailand a lot more times than I can count. I’ve resided in Bangkok twice, I’ve run excursions with the country, and, if I stay away for a lot more than a year, I feel as if a piece of me is missing.

I like Thailand.

It holds a special location in my heart.

People frequently ask me why I return to locations I’ve already checked out instead of checking out somewhere new. Well, that’s an simple answer: since I feel at house when I’m checking out them.

And Thailand is most likely the one location outside of the U.S. where I feel a lot of at home.

And why do I like Thailand so much?

Here are eleven reasons why Thailand is one of the very best countries – as well as what you can look ahead to when you travel there:

1. The tasty Food

When people state they like Thai food however haven’t been to Thailand, I can’t assist however think, “You’ve never truly experienced Thai food.” Thai food in Thailand is leagues much better than anywhere else in the world. The spices, the fragrances, the range of flavors. Your mouth dances with flavor when you eat here. There are dishes as well as styles in the country that you just can’t get anywhere else.

All over the streets of Thailand, outside stalls serve up the least expensive as well as finest meals you can find. You’ll be hunched over a bowl of noodles next to a bit kid, office worker, as well as bank president. street food in Thailand is the fantastic equalizer as well as essential to Thai culture. No matter what time of the day it is, there’s always food offered somewhere.

Moreover, Thailand has established world-class worldwide food (and a few Michelin starred restaurants) in recent years. a few of my preferred sushi restaurants are in Bangkok, as well as you can discover fantastic halal as well as Indian food in the downtown Sukhumvit area.

Thailand is a foodie’s dream.

2. The Weather

I like the sun (much to my mother’s as well as my dermatologist’s dismay). I believe after shoveling snow in Boston for the huge majority of my life, I gravitate to the sun because, in the tropics, there’s no snow. The truth that it’s always hot as well as damp in Thailand appeals to me. It’s never “jacket” weather condition here.

(OK, that’s not completely true. In January, I do wear a jacket. It gets quite close to 20° C here. You can always tell the expats from the tourists in Bangkok since they are the ones using sweatshirts as well as jackets in Leden.)

3. The friendly Locals

Thais are a few of the nicest people I have ever met. They’re always happy, always smiling, very polite, as well as always helpful. They’ll assist you out if you’re in difficulty as well as assist equate for you if you can’t speak Thai. They treat you well, as well as whenever I come back here, the regional shop owners whose stores I regular greet me with a warm smile as well as a huge hug. when a friend, always a friend.

I always feel risk-free in Thailand. Thailand is one of the few countries I feel comfortable leaving my laptop out while I go to the bathroom.

4. It’s the best travel Hub

Thailand is smack-dab in the middle of everything. It’s three hours to Hong Kong, two hours to Singapore, four hours to Bali, as well as half method between Australia as well as Europe.

You can get to a great deal of locations quickly from Thailand, which, for a traveler like myself, is truly appealing.

5. The Postcard-Perfect tropical Islands

I like the beach. I can sit on the sand as well as choose a swim for hours upon end. While Thailand has been established for many years as well as lots of of the very best beaches have been ruined with uncontrolled development, you can still discover some pristine, picture-perfect islands as well as beaches around the country.

I especially like Ko Chang, Ko Kood, Surin Island, Ko Adang, as well as Ko Lanta. the very best islands are down south near the Malaysian border. They all look like the above picture.

As long as you prevent the incredibly touristy as well as overdeveloped beaches (and there are many), you’ll discover the postcard-perfect beaches you’ve already dreamed of!

6. The rich Jungles

As much as I take pleasure in sitting on the beach, I likewise like to hike with jungles, as well as Thailand has a few of the most gorgeous as well as rich ones I’ve seen. From the jungles as well as elephants in Khao Yai national Park, to the famed lake of Khao Sok in the south, to the popular jungle as well as hill tribe treks near Chiang Mai, you can get your tropical jungle repair extremely quickly here.

They may not be the wild as well as untamed jungles of some locations in Borneo or the middle of Africa, however they still offer fantastic views, dense forests, waterfalls to awesome off in, as well as an fascinating range of wildlife.

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7. The worldwide Atmosphere

Thailand is a country where you can get as regional or foreign as you like. since of all the tourists as well as expats who online here, the country is extremely cosmopolitan as well as international. There are worldwide food chains, worldwide restaurants and stores, Starbucks, as well as Hollywood movies.

Thailand is a melting pot of people, as well as you’ll discover people from around the world. I’ve made buddies right here from France, Germany, Argentina, Australia, new Zealand, Japan, as well as Israel, just to name a few.

8. It’s Convenient

Thailand is convenient. hungry at 3:30am? There’s somebody around to offer you food. requirement to take a bus to Vietnam? That can be quickly arranged. requirement to go buying at some odd hour? There’s a store open. Pharmacy at 2am? got that too.

Thailand is just an simple location to online as well as step around in. as well as in Bangkok, you never have to wait on a taxi.

9. Bangkok

I hated Bangkok the very first few times I traveled there. It wasn’t up until I moved there that I fell in like with it.

Bangkok, it turns out, is an simple city to online in. There’s great deals to do, lots of events, fantastic bars, as well as fantastic food (see above), as well as it’s simple to get around (except during rush hour). I like cities where there’s always something to do. No matter what time of the day or day of the week, you can always discover something to perform in Bangkok.

I began to like Bangkok when I got to understand it beyond the temples as well as the vacationer trail. When I discovered hidden markets as well as fantastic street stalls frequented only by locals, ended up being buddies with residents, as well as comprehended exactly how it operated, I understood why people liked Bangkok so much.

Bangkok is not a city for tourists.

It’s for residents.

Take a long time right here as well as take pleasure in it.

10. It’s Cheap!

Thailand is inexpensive to go to as well as inexpensive to online in. Yesterday, I spent $4 USD for all of my food for the day, including some drinks as well as snacks. a lot of food from the street vendors costs $1. I can get a personal space for $10 USD per night or a bungalow in front of the beach for $15–20 USD. An apartment or condo in downtown Bangkok costs $300 USD a month, as well as it’s still bigger than what I need. Thailand just uses extraordinary value for your money.

A few years back, I was telling my buddy that after a month bouncing around the islands, I had spent around 40,000 baht ($1,400 USD). He was shocked! “How the hell might you spend so much money in one month!” he exclaimed.

If you’re traveling right here on a backpacker’s budget, you can get by for about $30 USD a day.

11. There’s Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a travel newbie of professional backpacker, Thailand will have something to keep you entertained. While the country is always my go-to recommendation for new travelers, I’ve been coming back for over a decade as well as have yet to be tired or disappointed. Whether you’re trying to find hiking or partying, greasy street food or a super-healthy detox retreat, you can discover it in Thailand.

Digital nomad? Head to Chiang Mai.

Looking for yoga? Head to Pai.

Want to getaway the chaotic cities? Go check out Isaan.

No matter what type of trip you’re looking for, you can discover it in Thailand!

When people ask me what my preferred country is, I always state Thailand. though I question exactly how you can pick a preferred country. Each one is fantastic in its own right. No country is truly much better than another, just different.

However, Thailand has a special location in my heart. We have a long history together. I’ll always return to this country.

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