The Goats have had A Makeover!

Ahoj všichni! As you may have noticed, the site has been down for 24 hours as we’ve just had an comprehensive deal with lift… however we’re back now! The days of black as well as beige are gone as well as we’re now brighter than ever! We’ve been enlightened in both colour as well as content.

Our new tagline: inspiring a life of freedom, travel & experience is the new style of our site as well as you’ll discover new classifications that will assist you to start, sustain as well as delight in this interesting type of lifestyle.

We’ll still be publishing about our story also however we now have new, fun classifications like cuisine, musings as well as reviews.

Go ahead as well as surf around as well as have a look at a few of the new stuff we’ve added. A few things to note:

The Destinations Page

We’ve produced a new page which now has an interactive map of all the locations we’ve been, so you can select what destinations you’d like to checked out about. To get there, just click on “Destinations” in the menu bar above.

The Adventures Page

Here is a listing we have complied of our preferred adventures to date. This page is certainly not completed as well as we’ll be adding some much more soon. You can inspect this out by clicking Adventures in the menu bar, or from the best side of your screen.

New Sustaining travel Section

We chose to produce an entire classification dedicated to making money on the road, saving money while travelling as well as whatever else a person needs to travel long-term. We’ve damaged it down into different parts: mentor English, travel Blogging, home sitting as well as much more money Making Methods. Head to the menu bar above, or on the best side of your screen as well as have a look!

There’s much More!

We don’t want to destroy all of the surprises so just search the site for a bit as well as have a look for yourself. We’ve added a great deal of new features as well as lots of new classifications to ensure that it’s simpler to discover what you want to checked out about.

Spot any type of Problems?

We might truly utilize your assist guys. If you see any type of problems with the site, we’d like it if you might decrease us an email as well as tell us what the issue is. Please tell us exactly how the speed of your browsing experience is as well.

Also, let us understand what you think! We’d like to hear your viewpoint of the new site as well as we truly appreciate constructive criticism… so don’t be shy.

Special Thanks:

We truly have to take our hats off to Scott at Eldo web style for putting together such an remarkable site for us. We’ve been working together with him for almost 3 months as well as I’m sure he’s pleased to have the site introduce today! He’ll be on board for a couple of weeks yet so we’ll tell him about any type of modifications / problems our visitors point out as well as he’ll repair us up.

As always, we appreciate every comment, email, like, tweet, +1 as well as share! You men have assisted us a great deal as well as without our amazing followers, there wouldn’t even be a Goats (or Sheep) On The Road.

Again guys, tell us what you think! have a search around as well as comment anywhere you’d like to tell us exactly how you feel about our new look. 

Thanks once again for reading!

Disclaimer:Goats On The road is an Amazon partner as well as likewise an affiliate for some other retailers. This implies we make commissions if you click links on our blog as well as purchase from those retailers.

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