8 things You might get with the P1620 travel tax

Published: March 2014.

The a lot of unpleasant part of traveling to one more country for me occurs even before the trip begins. It’s that moment when you have to pay the PhP 1620 travel tax. I don’t mind paying taxes. It’s our responsibility as accountable citizens. however it is painful. as well as it particularly feels horrible when:

The travel tax is bigger than the actual airfare. My one-way ticket to Taipei last year was P1,170.

 You don’t understand where it goes. You don’t see where it goes.

You have to stand in line for a looooooong time twice just to clear up it. First, so the personnel might compose down your name on the receipt; second, for the actual repayment at the cashier.

Last year alone, I traveled abroad from the Philippines six times. That’s PhP 9,720 in taxes (PhP 1,620 each time). add the P550 terminal charge per trip: That’s around PhP 13,000. Thirteen effing thousand pesos from just one person.

On my last worldwide trip, while waiting on boarding, I let it sink in. We don’t even have to utilize P13,000 as an example. A traveler traveling in economic climate pays P1620 each time. believe about what you might do keeping that money. To some, it may look like a little amount at first, however multiply that by the number of travelers as well as then by the number of times they travel — that’s A great deal OF MONEY.

Taking a cue from those Cornetto commercials, I began to wonder, “Hanggang saan ang mararating ng P1620 mo?”

Well, extremely far, apparently. While it cannot buy you, your friends, or this airport, that amount can pay for a number of basic things that can enhance the flight terminal experience a bit bit. right here are a few of them.


Well, this isn’t much, I know. however during height hours, some passengers don’t have anything to sit on. It’s still much better than the floor, you know.

An inflatable lounge sofa

Now that’s a bit a lot more comfortable, yes? Not as elegant as those they have at Changi but, again, much better than the floor. just don’t poke it with anything pointed, haha.

One-month wi-fi connection

Granted, the P1620 amount can carry only a home/family plan, however all you requirement is a few a lot more tax payers as well as you can have much of the flight terminal covered.

Over 80 bus rides from NAIA to EDSA

With P1620, you can pay for to trip a bus from EDSA to NAIA as well as back 40 times! Or, you can pay for a one-way NAIA-EDSA trip for 80 passengers.

6 taxi rides to MRT/LRT!

Let’s presume that the cab fare from NAIA to MRT Taft or LRT EDSA is P100. That’s 16 solo taxi rides! as well as they have the nerve to fee a lot more for flight terminal taxi services?

Parking for 5 Days

The present rate is P300 each day as well as P15 per succeeding hour. P1620 can pay for 5 days as well as 8 hours.

Dozens of city maps!

For the comfort of showing up tourists.

Salary of an additional employee

Or employees. So we don’t have to autumn in line for a long time to pay taxes. So we don’t have to autumn in line for a long time every step of the way.

And lots of other things! I might go on — 1.25 gallons of paint, a bean bag, lots of ballpoint pens.

That’s just from one person traveling when in economy. service class passengers pay a lot more (P2700)! Again, multiply that by the number of travelers they serve in a day as well as then number of days in a month. picture the things we might have at the airport. The comfort we might enjoy. jen si představ.

We should have more. A traveler can dream. Dreaming is tax-free, right?

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